Back to School Tips for The Traumatized Child

The leaves are changing colors and falling off the trees, harvest is winding down, days are getting shorter. Fall is here, whether it’s official or not. Which means, school is back in session. For many of the kids at Secret Harbor, a new school year can mean a new set of anxieties and issues. The… Read More

Why Keeping Families Together Matters

Imagine a world where the people who you love and trust to take care of you fail to do so. Despite their misgivings, they’re the only family you know. Suddenly, you’re taken away, and forced into a system that is totally foreign to you. New people, new school, everything that was familiar to you has… Read More

What Everyone Should Know About Trauma

One hundred percent of the youth Secret Harbor supports have experienced trauma. In fact, every single kid in foster care has experienced one form of trauma or another. The two most traumatic events in a child’s life, are first, the death of a primary caregiver, and second, separation from a primary caregiver. So just the… Read More