Mission and Values

Saving children and youth in crisis







Saving children and youth in crisis by building healthy relationships, promoting support and developing successful connections to families and communities.

Secret Harbor’s people, programs and advocacy provide resources and opportunities to improve the lives of children and families. For each child and family, we:

Develop connections that create positive, lasting IMPACT for children, families and communities.

Understand the effects of trauma on children and families and respond with EMPATHY to those experiences through caring interactions.

Provide SAFE PLACES necessary to develop trust, gain new skills and grow.

Build healthy, respectful RELATIONSHIPS that strengthen and improve WELL BEING, offering hope, dignity and a sense of belonging.

Promote CREATIVITY by embracing flexibility and innovation, engaging each child and family holistically and seeing challenges as opportunities for solutions.

Recognize that TEAMWORK is essential for each child and family to get exactly what they need to be independent and successful.

An unwavering commitment to children and families is at the heart of every decision and activity at Secret Harbor. Each day we strive to model and instill these values in the families and the communities we serve.

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