Saving Children and Youth In Crisis

Safe places to succeed

Children and youth come to Secret Harbor at one of the most difficult points in their lives – when their families are in chaos, and they are running out of hope and options for a relatively normal family life. In this most difficult time, it’s critically important that children and families have a voice in what happens to them. At Secret Harbor, we begin by asking our kids,  their families and our staff what they need to be successful.

Families and children are often taken aback by the question because, in the midst of their family’s turmoil, they are usually told what they are doing wrong. Rarely, if ever, have they been asked what they need to succeed.

By asking, listening with empathy and then creating an appropriate plan, Secret Harbor allows youth and families to take their first steps toward gaining control of their lives. While the journey may be bumpy at times, Secret Harbor – by engaging in regular discussions with the child and family – is able to tailor plans along the way that build on a child’s and their family’s strengths and support the family where they need help. The possibilities for helping the children and their families expand immensely by looking at the child as a person and the family as a resource rather than a problem.

Secret Harbor’s focus is on the whole child, and it is our goal to make their lives as normal as possible. With patience, attention, treatment, care and a lot of creativity – we restore their well being, build healthy relationships and make a positive, lasting impact for the child, the family and the community. There are three programs: Residential Treatment, Foster Care Resources and Family Connections.

All children at Secret Harbor are referred to the agency for care by Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. Secret Harbor’s homes are located throughout Snohomish, Skagit, Whatcom and Island Counties of Washington State.