Special Projects

There are many ways to make an impact!

Financial contributions can support one or more of the projects. Some of the projects can accept in-kind gifts in the form of goods. For additional information, contact Kaelen Morris or call (360) 755-5700 x448.

The KIDS FUND meets the special needs of individual children. It pays for memberships, recreation, school supplies and fees, clothing, eyeglasses and dental care. The Fund also pays for group activities like picnics, camping trips and skating parties.

Other examples of KIDS FUND expenses:

Send-a-Kid-to-Camp. Community donations make it possible for kids to go to camp – a camp that is tailored to their interests and needs. On average camp costs about $175 per kid.

Back to School Supplies – Help outfit our kids for school with a new backpack, pens, notebook paper and more. Having the right supplies is important for every child, particularly for a child who may have been bounced from school to school. $50 to $75 each.

Special Occasions – It means a lot when our kids are remembered on special occasions. We are looking for individuals and groups who might consider putting together treats for 30 or more kids on Valentine’s Day, Easter or Halloween. Birthdays are throughout the year. We’d like to find small but creative ways to recognize each child’s birthday as well. Ideas are welcome.

Thanksgiving & Christmas – Thanksgiving and Christmas are not ordinary holidays, and they can be very stressful for kids in out-of-home care. Putting together a nice Thanksgiving dinner – filling 30 plus stockings and fulfilling the wish lists of all the kids at Christmas is a tall order. A number of our in-home families can use food baskets at the holiday. For people on Thanksgiving-Charlie-Brown-Snoopy1very tight budgets, extras just aren’t possible. All in all, about $150 to $200 is expended on each child during the holiday season.


Healthy minds – Healthy lives – Getting stable and feeling normal is the first step to healing and learning. Skilled mental health services are funded entirely by community donations, and the agency needs to raise about $90,000 per year for this purpose.

Skilled mental health counseling is a key need. An hour of counseling costs $75. Skilled psychiatric services are considerably more expensive at $155 an hour. Yoga helps kids learn how to calm themselves. $50 per session for a discounted room and instruction.



Summer work experience training program – Each summer from late June to late August, young people in our programs have an opportunity to gain work skills and a healthy appreciation of nature in a work training program at Deception Pass State Park. Youth work hard cleaning trails, campsites and beaches that we all use. The program is funded entirely by the community. Funding helps pay for transportation, a stipend for the kids for each hour worked, lunches and more. The agency has budgeted about $39,000 for the work program in 2014.