Ways to Help

There are many ways you can help!

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image16756444Agencies like Secret Harbor need support from individuals and groups in our communities in order to continue its valuable work. Our government contracts pay about 80% of the actual costs for caring for the young people and families in our programs. We are grateful for your financial support or the gifts of your time and talents.

Visit our MAKE A GIFT page to learn about the ways to make a financial contribution.

Visit our SPECIAL PROJECTS page to learn about specific things that need funding and learn about needed items or services that could be given inkind. Inkind goods offset operational costs or provide basic needs. Inkind gifts may be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Visit our EVENTS page to learn about upcoming community events – both events hosted by Secret Harbor and events hosted by others to benefit Secret Harbor.

Visit our COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS page to learn how businesses, foundations and groups can support Secret Harbor in meaningful ways and receive year-long recognition.

Visit our GRANTS page to learn about the importance of grants to Secret Harbor, along with recent grantors.

Fashion smiling teenVolunteering. Confidentiality and safety for our clients is important. Secret Harbor rarely allows volunteers to work directly with our youth because of the extensive background checks and training that would be required. Secret Harbor welcomes:

  • Volunteers who would consider occasional service on an as needed basis for event support and planning, administrative projects, for technical advice and support.
  • Volunteers who wish to serve on the agency’s Board of Directors.
  • Volunteers who more indirectly work to help Secret Harbor. This might include work parties to help with grounds maintenance, painting or small projects. It might include collections of needed items or small third party events to raise funds to benefit Secret Harbor kids.

Contact Emily Manke by email or phone: (360) 755-5700 x448 for information.

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